Driving in Europe after Brexit

The number plate laws in Great Britain are something to be aware of. After Brexit, there have been many changes which you need to know about if your vehicle has an English license plate or will soon acquire one when visiting the country legally for more than 90 days with existing documentation proving nationality but not citizenship status (tourists).

When you are anticipating driving in green-listed countries, then there are many laws and rules that should be known. For instance, it is necessary to observe Spanish law which means fulfilling certain conditions like having an ID card or passport with resident status from Spain, holding a UK license for over 3 years before starting the journey (or any other European Union country)

Is my UK Driving License Still Valid in the EU after Brexit?

Yes, it is. You can continue to drive within Europe as long as you have a valid license and permit from England (or anywhere else). However, if not already holding an ID card with photo on file, then be aware that when applying for one post-Brexit residents will need renew their old paper permits which must cost £5 each time they want renewed or replaced along side fees ranging between 50 cents – €10 depending upon where outside Ireland applicants reside).

Do I Need a GB Sticker to Drive in the EU?

This is one we get asked by customers every day. Since National Numbers specializes in number plate sales, this was something that came up frequently for us since it’s important information when purchasing new plates or visiting other countries with your car from before Brexit occurred on March 29th 2019 until December 31st 2020 where British citizens will need an extra Euro-style sticker applied onto their license plates if driving into any part of Europe but not Spain (whereupon licenses are automatically recognized as valid), Cyprus and Malta who have already joined together forming The Union Without History which does away with passport/ nationality checkpoints so there’s no more hassle at borders. Want to learn more? Why not visit national numbers blog post here.